Xenith Financial Advisory Services
Xenith Financial Advisory Services
Actively-Managed Risk with Performance
  • Successful Values

    We give the utmost importance to risk management and performance follows.  This enables our clients to better navigate the journey to financial independence.  
  • Financial Empowerment

    Achieving true financial success requires a financial roadmap not simply an investment.  Find out where you are, where you need to be, and the changes that will get you there. 

Financial Success Requires Planning

Financial success is not about the investment vehicle so much as knowing where that vehicle needs to go.  Consumers need a financial roadmap if they want to reach their destination.

Xenith Advisors are like 
"Financial Doctors"

In order to write a prescription a medical doctor needs to collect all the pertinent information: health history, blood work, allergies to medication, and so on.  In the same way, our advisors research their clients' financial backgrounds to determine what recommendations are in their best interest. 

How We Stand Out​​


Not all financial plans are the same.  Properly projecting your goals is essential and helps you arrive at your destination.


Consumers rarely evaluate the risk of their investment decisions and often don't know how.  We help manage and reduce market risk.  


Many buy-and-hold strategies require more time and more assets than consumers realize.  Doing more with less is key to reaching your goals.

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